Fascial therapy is part of osteopathic treatment. The vibration of the Swaywaver Treatment Table allows for a harmonious palpation of the fascia and enables the therapist to recognize and treat functional disorders in individual parts of the body. Through different techniques from very gentle to dynamic to intensive, the osteopath works to achieve best possible results for the benefit of the patient. Thus, the Swaywaver becomes part of a holistic system. 


With the support of the Swaywaver Treatment Table, the patient‘s body returns to movement patterns that he has forgotten over time. Through the elements of position, force and movement of the Treatment Table, the muscles are activated and strengthened, the muscle equilibrium becomes restored. The Treatment Table can be used with many forms of therapy. There are hardly any limits on the therapist’s creativity (e.g. in MT, KG, KGZNS and many more methods).

Stress management 

Modern and effective stress management has become increasingly important. On this Treatment Table the guest will experience a deep relaxation within just a few minutes. The weightless movement in three dimensional space eliminates the sensory stimulus and activates the senses. On the Swaywaver, various relaxation and massage techniques as well as cosmetic treatments can be carried out. There are no limits. 

Personal Training 

A perfect combination of core and pilates training with different exercises. The training tool can be mounted within seconds, the Swaywaver converts into a small gym. Personal training ensures that the training targets are realistic and achievable. In addition, correct movement techniques and a safe movement execution are guaranteed. All this gives your customer an effective, fast and long-term result.

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