the supstructur of Swaywaver®-treatment Couch consists of a rotating and spring board witch is made of multiples birch wood.

due to the stable and sophisticated mechanism,the Couch is 360° horizontally rotable and vertically free-swinging.

the Couch and the upholstery made of high-Quality foam an durable artificial leather can be disassembled compactly for mobile use.

the models

the Swaywaver is available in 3 different version. the feet are available  in  18/30/50 cm 

when using the 30 or 50 cm high feet, the treatment couch must be placed on a base plate.

                   Swaywaver 50                           2.599.00€*






The standing model enables the therapist to work in an upright position and still use the                                                                                  swinging and rotating mechanism.


178x70x76 cm. 49 kg. Incl. Foot set 50, base plate 100. 

                       Swaywaver 30                                2399.00€*






Ideal for seated therapy. Best suited for osteopathy e.g. fascia treatment, training with elastic bands or pilates.

Also for the concept  " mother and child"


178x70x56 cm. 46 kg. Incl. Foot set 30, base plate 100.       

                            Swaywaver 19                                    2399.00€*







Additionally enables bilateral work above the customer. With the help of the Swaywaver knee cushion, the kneeling or sitting position is also possible.


178x70x45 cm. 33 kg. Incl. Foot set 19

Prices include VAT, additional shipping costs apply.

Voucher for free seminar participation for one person



With the purchase of a Swaywaver® treatment table, you will receive a voucher for participation in the Swaywaver basic seminar.



You must register in advance. A copy of the invoice or the invoice number for the purchase of the treatment table is sufficient for registration.


                                            Valid for 12 months from the invoice date.

suitable accessories

Swaywaver face                                   109.00 €

& neck cushion

 incl. VAT, plus shipping costs



With the face & neck cushion you can effectively relax the neck muscles during therapy on the Swaywaver. Since the nose and mouth are exposed, breathing is facilitated by the side and front air openings.

Swaywaver foot                                     59.00 €


 including VAT, plus shipping costs


The semicircular roll is ideal as a therapeutic support for massage and cosmetic applications on the Swaywaver treatment table.


Depending on the position (feet, knee joints), the role adapts ergonomically to the shape of the body.

Swaywaver  knee pillow                      79.00 €  including VAT, plus shipping


For certain treatment options, it makes sense for the therapist to kneel down.


To protect the knees from hard surfaces, a padded underlay helps, tailored to the design of the Swaywaver treatment table.

Swaywaver insertion element                    39.95 € incl. VAT, plus shipping costs


With the spring insertion element, the stability of the standing and lying platform is individually increased and optimally adapted to the needs of the practitioner.


One or more insertion elements are positioned between the platforms quickly and without the use of any tools.

Swaywaver Performer                                        69.00 € incl.VAT, plus shipping costs


Easily fixed at the head or foot end, the performer extends the possible uses of the Swaywaver to a full-body training device.

It is used for training with the resistance of elastic textile bands.