"the key" Basic workhop 

Workshop      1 Day  4Hours       300,00€







We will introduce you to the theory and practice of the fascinating Swaywaver treatment table.


In steps you can understand, we will show you the functions of the Swaywaver treatment table and let you feel the sway, the rotating movements and the unique effects in an impressive way.


After successful participation, you will be able to use the Swaywaver method at your own discretion.


Looking forward to your visit! 




Treatment on the Swaywaver is at your own risk.

Advanced workshop 1


1 day 8 hours                            300.00 €


The fascia is a component of the connective tissue that penetrates the whole body as an enveloping and connecting tension network.


Particularly the lack of movement, or a constant, repetitive muscle strain can lead to adhesions or hardening of the overlying fascia, but of course also the deep muscle fascia.

The cause is a lack of nutrient exchange.


With the help of gymnastics or other conventional types of movement, it unfortunately is impossible to dissolve thickening collagen or adhesions in the connective tissue and to permanently mobilize the fascia. The influence on the fascia is extremely small.


However, myofascia can be loosened and mobilized very well with subtle manual pressure.


With the Swaywaver method I dissolve solidified gel-like colloids (proteins in the basic substance of the fascia).

The special Swaywaver treatment technique makes them temporarily liquid (from gel to sol).

After the treatment, the material solidifies again and stays in shape permanently.

This can lead to a spontaneous change in the tone of the tissue. So you can have a lasting positive influence on the position of the muscles and their function in the body by mobilizing the fascia.




Treatment on the Swaywaver is at your own risk.



Advanced workshop 2

Dynamic spinal therapy (shiatsu)

1 day 8 hours                            300.00 €


Our spine is the protective covering for the spinal cord.

Bundles of nerve cords emerge in pairs between the individual vertebral bodies and supply certain areas of the body.

Thus, each vertebra is connected to an organ via the nervous system.


In this workshop, the therapist learns the correct treatment techniques using the Swaywaver method, which enables him to work close to the vertebrae and thus show the direct route via the fasciae and the nervous system to the relevant treatment regions.



Treatment on the Swaywaver is at your own risk.


Advanced workshop 3

Spa treatments

1 day 8 hours                            300.00 €


We dedicate this seminar course to the spa rituals, specially developed for the Swaywaver treatment table.


The course participants learn a complete SPA RITUAL which includes a body and facial treatment in connection with massage movements, tailored to the effectiveness of the Swaywaver treatment table. With the products of Dulkamara the customer enjoys a treatment in a way he has never experienced before.


After successfully participating in the seminar, the course participants can carry out the Swaywaver method Spa and Beauty at their own discretion.



Treatment on the Swaywaver is at your own risk.


Advanced workshop 4

Personal Training

1 day 8 hours                            300.00 €


Perfect combination of core, kinesis and pilates training with alternating exercises. The training tool can be installed in seconds, and the Swaywaver becomes a small fitness studio.

Personal training ensures that training goals are realistic and achievable.

In addition, correct movement technology and safe movement control are ensured.

All of this gives your customer an effective, quick and long-term result.



Treatment on the Swaywaver is at your own risk.


Advanced workshop 5

Mother and Child

1 day 8 hours                            300.00 €


The concept is for expectant mothers and mothers who have just given birth.


It is precisely during this exciting time that the expectant mother can often find it difficult to control her posture, and it is not uncommon for her to feel an inner restlessness.

The result is back and neck pain, overstrained muscles and fascia, insomnia and anxiety.


On the Swaywaver you can either lie on your back or on your side.


Cuddled up in a soft pillow, you can come to rest and relax.

It feels like floating weightlessly in a three-dimensional space.


The beauty about this concept is that after the birth of the child, the mother can come for the treatment together with her child.

The newborn is placed on the mother's stomach or breast.


The two relax together on the Swaywaver treatment table.


Sensory stimuli are eliminated, whereas the sensory forces are activated.




This sense of balance, which has been trained from an early age, will be of great aid to the child later in life.


The children are more attentive, more receptive and more balanced.




The mother and child concept may only be carried out by trained staff who have attended a basic course 1 and the subsequent master class "mother and child" workshop.


Only on the Swaywaver 300 are the conditions optimal to ensure the safety of the customer and your child.


Treatment on the Swaywaver is at your own risk.