Tennis and Golf


Good core stability is a basic requirement, especially in tennis and golf.


With the treatment method I have developed, I check the posture, the elasticity and the fascia of the surrounding core muscles.


I localize the focus of pain and begin to stroke the fascia.

The oscillation of the Swaywaver treatment table enables me to correctly feel the fascia and to loosen adhesions.


Nerve endings can be exposed again and can recover.

The result is pain relief and a feeling of freedom of movement.


Osteo concept 1             Individual treatment                                            Preis: 60.00€


treatment :                       Myofascial

duration:                           60 minutes

Prise:                                 60.00€


Osteo concept 8            8 treatments within 1 month                          Preis: 360.00€


treatment:                       Myofascial

duration:                          45 minutes

Prise:                                45.00€

Another important topic is the typical tennis / golfer’s arm (elbow).

Here, too, I use the fascia technique in connection with the Swaywaver treatment method.


Through targeted strokes and pressures (triggers)

you will experience immediate relief, after just a few treatments I will achieve good results.